Case Packers, Bottle Packers & Drop Packers

Standard-Knapp offers a full range of Case Packers, Bottle Packers and Drop Packers to meet all of your case packing, product handling and budgetary goals. Our color-coded change parts provide fast, efficient changeover. Our SOFT-CATCH™ product placement system prevents product damage. Robust, stainless steel contruction ensures reliable, 24/7 operation.

991 Unipack 2.0

991 Unipack 2.0

Compact Pick-and-place Case Packer. The versatile and compact Unipack 2.0 is a multifunctional combination case packer, unpacker and repacker designed for pick-and-place applications across the brewing, beverage, dairy and food industries.

939S Versatron™

“Soft-Catch” Servo Case Packer. The 939S Versatron™ with Soft-Catch servo lift table enables gentle product handling in a drop packer – it uses the same principle that you would use to catch a tossed egg. The table accelerates down with the case to reduce the impact of the product as it descends.

949S Versatron™

Tandem Servo Case Packer. The 949S Versatron™ Tandem works in much the same way as the 939S, but allows for multiple cases per drop, and therefore operating at higher speeds.

939 Pic-N-Place

939 Pic-N-Place

Soft Placement Robotic Case Packer. The Pic-N-Place uses adjustable, heavy-duty grippers to pick up and gently place an entire pack of product completely into the bottom of every case.

949 Pic-N-Place

Soft Placement Case Packer. The 949 Pic-N-Place Tandem Case Packer offers all the field-proven reliability of the 939 Pic-N-Place while handling two cases at a time. The perfect solution for both partitioned and partitionless case packing, the 949 Pic-N-Place uses adjustable, heavy duty grippers to pick up and gently place two packs of product completely into the bottom of every case.

Packing Head Modules

Pic-N-Place Soft Placement Module

This servo-driven unit picks the product from the infeed conveyor and gently places it into the bottom of the empty case. This unit is available on new case packers and can also be retrofitted on existing units.

Lowering Head Module

This unit places the product entirely into the empty case to ensure positive placement and gentle handling of every container. This unit is available on new case packers and can also be retrofitted on existing units.

Adjustable Gripper Head

The new adjustable gripper head is an innovative solution for handling bottles of differing shapes and sizes. It eliminates the need for multiple dedicated heads, which are costly and require changeover and storage space.

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