Continuous-Motion Case Packers

Standard-Knapp offers a full range of Continuous-Motion Case Packers, Bottle Packers and Drop Packers to meet all of your case packing, product handling and budgetary goals. When your application demands high-speed continuous motion, Standard-Knapp is there with the PakMore™ – the fastest continuous-motion case packer in the industry.

985 Centurion™

Continuous-Motion Bottle Packer. The Standard-Knapp 985 Centurion is a high-speed/high-efficiency, continuous-motion case packer. It is designed to handle PET and glass containers and insert them into partitioned cases quickly and carefully. It can feed all typical reusable, trays and partial to full-depth corrugated cases.

357 Orbitron™

Case Packer/Bottle Packer. The 357 Orbitron™ is a great way to get bottles or cans into cases or pre-formed trays. The overhead flight section guides product into the box continuously, while maintaining a small footprint.

989 PakMore™

Continuous-Motion, Soft-placement Case Packer. The 989 PakMore™ is our flagship case packing machine and is ideally suited to the high-demand bottle packing industry. It offers the highest speed and gentlest product handling in the industry.

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