Tritium Modular Multipacker
  • Standard-Knapp will be exhibiting at booth C-3800 at Pack Expo 2019
  • Standard-Knapp President Mike Weaver explains how the 949 Pic-N-Place case packer solved a unique packing requirement for Tito's vodka
  • Standard-Knapp's 298 Tritium Tray/Shrink Packer
  • Soft-Catch Technology
  • TRITIUM Modular Multipacker with Robo-Wand

Packaging Machinery

At Standard-Knapp, we strive for the ultimate in everything we do, whether it's providing the finest case, tray and shrink packaging machinery available on the market today, or supporting those same machines – some of which date back more than 50 years and are still in service today! We design packaging machinery for customers who require long service life from rugged, reliable machines.

We are an Employee-Owned company that has been making packaging equipment here in the United States for more than 100 years. Our machines enable high-speed operation, quick changeover and outstanding flexibility. We specialize in packing PET, glass, HDPE, steel, aluminum and fiberboard; case, tray, film, U-board, pad and unsupported.

At Standard-Knapp, ULTIMATE Is Our Standard™.