Tritium Modular Multipacker

At Standard-Knapp, we strive for the ultimate in everything we do, whether it's providing the finest case, tray and shrink packaging machinery available on the market today, or supporting those same machines – some of which date back more than 50 years and are still in service today! We design packaging machinery for customers who require long service life from rugged, reliable machines. Our machines enable high-speed operation, quick changeover and outstanding flexibility.

Announcement of Merger:

Standard-Knapp has announced an agreement to partner with EoL Packaging Experts (EoL), an international market leader in end-of-line packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry.

The EoL portfolio also includes A+F Automation + F├Ârdertechnik (A+F), a German manufacturer of secondary packaging equipment, founded in 1974. As a leading manufacturer of End of Line Packaging, A+F enjoys an excellent reputation in its competence to develop state of the art packaging systems.

The merger creates a globally active industry leader for end-of-line packaging machinery and systems with an established presence in both America and Europe.

Under the roof of EoL Packaging Experts, A+F and Standard-Knapp build the foundation of a strong international industry group. Together they serve the most important international markets and continuously work to expand their technological advantage.

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