Introducing TriWraptor™

Introducing the New TriWraptor™ TSUP (Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad) Packer: Packaging Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

Tandem Case Packing Made More Versatile

With the new Tandem-Case Flap Opening System, Standard-Knapp adds re-shipper capability to the 949S Versatron™ Tandem Case Packer. 

Higher Speeds and Reduced Breakage with Soft Catch

With our two-axis “Soft Catch” system, the Versatron actually “catches” the product
while it descends into the case.

The Centurion™ Continuous-Motion Case Packer

The high-speed/high-efficiency Centurion is designed to handle PET and glass containers and insert them into partitioned cases quickly and carefully.

The 939 EZ Case Packer

Perfect for small wineries and craft brewers,
the Standard-Knapp EZ Case Packer combines proven and reliable case packing technology in our most affordable package. It offers the same robust quality, flexibility and adaptability, while operating at speeds of up to 30 cases per minute.

Packaging Solutions that Fit Your Products

Food packaging


From pasta sauce jars to tuna cans and everything in between, we have the machines to meet your demands.

Beverage packaging


Whether you are packing glass, PET or aluminum, we can pack it better and faster than anybody.

Household packaging


Where precision placement and gentle handling matter, we deliver perfect packaging solutions for consumer household products.

Beverage packaging


Our robust packaging machines can withstand the rigors of packaging automotive and other industrial chemical products.

At Standard-Knapp, we strive for the ultimate in everything we do, whether it’s providing the finest case, tray and shrink packaging machinery available on the market today, or supporting those same machines – some of which date back more than 50 years and are still in service today! We design packaging machinery for customers who require long service life from rugged, reliable machines.

Standard-Knapp has made packaging equipment here in the United States for more than 125 years. Our machines enable high-speed operation, quick changeover and outstanding flexibility. We specialize in packing PET, glass, HDPE, steel, aluminum and fiberboard; case, tray, film, U-board, pad and unsupported.

At Standard-Knapp, ULTIMATE Is Our Standard™.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Appreciate Standard-Knapp’s hard work and excellent customer service on this machine build. Thanks!”

Maintenance Manager
Domestic manufacturer of high performance lubricants

“Thanks, Ed!  Can’t thank you enough for all the help you have been [with parts & service].  Of all the vendors you have far & away been the most helpful & responsive  during this project!”

Utility Manager
A global manufacturer of consumer and professional cleaner products

“We love your equipment. The quality and customer service your team delivers has been exceptional. We are very happy with Standard-Knapp. We will be installing a new line hopefully this year, and most definitely will purchase another machine from your company. I do talk highly to other vendors about your company’s service and dependability.”

Anthony Coronado
Bottling Supervisor, O’Neill Vintners and Distillers

“Standard-Knapp’s service team has been excellent to work with over the years. We’ve established great relationships with their mechanics, who all have been willing to help us out over the phone if we ever found ourselves dealing with an unfamiliar problem. We will definitely be looking to Standard Knapp once again to provide us with another great tray packer!”

A well-known producer of specialty gourmet sauces

“Our team was very satisfied with serviceman David’s knowledge and helpfulness. He took the time to show them numerous things that they were never aware of, and fixed a few things that will help us for now. He took many videos and notes to share with your team upon his return. Thank you for the efforts that have been made so far to get this machine up and running better.”

Adam Authier
Operations Manager, Wis-Pak

“The install went much better than I had expected. I scheduled the line to be down all week, but the whole thing literally took 2 days, start to finish. Our old packer was out Tuesday morning, and we ran 1800 cases of beer after lunch on Thursday. Boom! Amazing! And we’ve been running full speed ever since. Very happy and impressed with Standard Knapp!”

Brian Evens
Plant Manager, Southern Tier Brewing Company

Standard-Knapp proudly offers parts support and service for packaging machinery from our sister company, A&F Automation.
Standard-Knapp, A&F Automation and BMS operate under the umbrella of international industrial group 
EOL Packaging Experts.

A+F Automation
End of Line Packaging Experts
Thank you for visiting us!

Thank you for visiting us!

We can’t believe it’s already October! September was a blur of trade shows, and we at Standard-Knapp had the best time finishing up our tour at PACK EXPO meeting so many good friends and associates.

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Trade Shows Are Back!

Trade Shows Are Back!

Trade Shows Are Back, and So Are Live Machine Demos! Standard-Knapp will be exhibiting at Craft Brewers Conference and Pack Expo Las Vegas this September, and will be bringing along three machines to demonstrate.

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