Standard-Knapp Packaging Machinery

Case Packers, Bottle Packers & Drop Packers Continuous-motion Case Packers Tray Packers, Multipackers, Shrink Wrappers & Shrink/Bundler Machines Case Sealers, Uncaser, Laner

At Standard-Knapp, we are committed to providing the ultimate in case, tray and shrink packaging machinery. Our engineering team is continually developing solutions to the challenges created by modern product packaging, exceeding customer expectations time and time again. We design our equipment to be flexible enough to pack products that haven't even been imagined yet. Our full line of machinery covers a wide range of packaging needs including: PET, glass, HDPE, steel, aluminum and fiberboard; case, tray, film, U-board, pad and unsupported.

We have the fastest changeovers in the industry, the most robust equipment available, a reliability track record that is second to none and a level of quality that allows the longest effective machine production life in the industry. At Standard-Knapp, ULTIMATE Is Our Standard™.  |  Download Product Catalog (2.3 MB PDF)  | 

Case Packers, Bottle Packers & Drop Packers

Standard-Knapp offers a variety of Intermittent-motion Case Packers to meet your budget or output needs. The 939 and 949 series of Case Packers is designed to pack containers (bottles or cans) into cases at speeds of up to 45 cpm (cases per minute), depending on machine type and product specifications.

Continuous-motion Case Packers

Standard-Knapp's range of Continuous-motion Case Packers, Bottle Packers and Drop Packers to meet all of your case packing, product handling and budgetary goals. Our Continuous-motion Case Packers are designed to pack containers (bottles) into cases at speeds of up to 75 cpm (cases per minute), depending on machine configuration and product specifications. The 357 Orbitron™ delivers high speeds and product handling considerations. When your application demands high-speed continuous motion, Standard-Knapp is there with the 989 Packmore™ - the fastest continuous-motion case packer in the industry.

Tray Packers, Multipackers, Shrink Wrappers & Shrink/Bundler Machines

Standard-Knapp's range of Continuous-motion Tray Packers, Tray/Shrink machines and Shrink/Bundlers are designed to form corrugated cardboard trays around containers (glass or cans) at speeds of up to 90 trays per minute (t.p.m.), depending on product specifications. The 296, 596 and new Tritium™ series of machines are available in several configurations to meet your tray packing and shrink wrapping demands.

Case Sealers, Product Uncasers & Bottle Laner

Standard-Knapp's continuous-motion case slitters and sealers complete the packing process on filled tab-lock corrugated cases at speeds of up to 80 cases per minute (cpm), depending on product specifications, offering high-speed, reliable case finishing.

Standard-Knapp product uncasers quickly and gently removes glass and plastic containers from full cases.

The Servo-driven Bottle Laner is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes, and it can also redistribute two lanes into three or more for more efficient bottle packing.

Machine Upgrade Kits

Standard-Knapp is dedicated to continuous improvement. Features and options may be available to upgrade or add functionality to existing machinery.