Continuous-Motion Tray Packers and Shrink/Bundler Machines

Standard-Knapp’s venerable Continuum™ line of Tray/Shrink machines has undergone an evolution that has brought about the 597 Tritium™ line of Tray/Shrink/Bundlers. The Tritium represents a leap forward in modular machine design and construction, as well as advanced functionality. Great care was taken to make the new line easy to assemble and maintain, and our new Robo-Wand™ wrapping technology makes precision and coping with product changes a snap.

TriWraptor TSUP Packer

TriWraptor Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad Packer

TSUP (Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad) Packer. Standard-Knapp’s TriWraptor TSUP Packer offers high reliability, robust construction, and the flexibility that our packaging customers need to be successful today… and into the future! Within the TriWraptor TSUP’s footprint lies the ability to package PET, glass, HDPE, steel, aluminum and fiberboard into tray, film, U-board, pad and unsupported configurations.

296T Continuum™ Tray Packer

Continuous-motion Tray-forming Tray Packer. The 296T Continuum™ is a high-speed tray-forming tray packer which offers the fastest changeover in the industry.

296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink Packer

Integrated High-speed Tray/Shrink System. The 296TS Continuum™ is a high-speed tray forming, tray packing, shrink wrapping machine. Already proven at dozens of installations in the food and beverage industry, the Continuum™ is the best machine for achieving efficient operations.

598 Tritium™ Shrink Wrapper

Continuous-motion, High-speed Shrink Wrapper. The Standard-Knapp 598 Tritium™ operates at speeds up to 120 trays per minute. Equipped standard with Robo-Wand™ wrapping technology, consistent, precision wraps happen every time – no matter the product size or wrap style.

597 Tritium™ Multipacker/Bundler

Modular Multipacker for Consistent Bull’s Eye and Bottom Seals. The 597 Tritium™ features our most advanced shrink wrapping and bundling technology. It offers the same features as the 596S Continuum™, but with added functionality. The Robo-Wand™ wrapper has a flexible/programmable wrapping path to accommodate future applications while maintaining precise, near-perfect wraps every time – great for printed film and sharp-looking bull’s eyes.

333 Vanguard Wrap-Around Packer

The Compact, Reliable Solution for Corrugated, Full Wrap-around Packing. Standard-Knapp’s Model 333 Vanguard produces a tight, square, cost-saving wrap-around tray or full case shipper. The compact design allows it to fit into any shop floor. Snap-in parts and quick-handle adjustments provide reliable, repeatable changeover.

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