Accessibility Statement

Standard-Knapp is committed to making all electronic resources accessible to all users. We aim to provide a universally accessible website that facilitates ease of use by persons with disabilities. We closely follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the global standard for web content accessibility.

If you would like to request an ADA accommodation or provide feedback or comments, please call us at (860) 342-1100.

Accessibility Guidance


It is possible to enlarge text and other page content on this website.

  • Windows: press the Windows key and plus sign (+) at the same time to zoom in. You can also use the “Magnifier” application under “Accessories”.
  • Mac OS: go to “System Preferences”, open “Universal Access” and select the “Seeing” tab. Check the box under “Zoom” to “On”.
    On your Apple device, tap “Settings”, then “General”, then “Accessibility”. Tap the “Zoom” button and toggle it “On”.
  • An additional method is to use “Ctrl” (“Cmd” on Mac) plus the plus (+) or minus (-) keys while in a web browser.

Colors & Contrast 

Most major web browsers have options to modify colors and fonts in order to improve legibility.

  • Chrome: go to “Preferences”, activate the “Show advanced settings” link, go to the “Web content” heading and change the “Font size”, “Customize fonts” in other ways, or set default “Page zoom”.
  • Firefox: choose “Options”, then “Content”, then finally “Fonts & Colors”.
  • Internet Explorer: go to “Tools”, then “Internet Options”, on to “General”. From here, select “Colors, Fonts, or Accessibility”.
  • Safari: select “Preferences”, “Appearance” tab, and then hit the “Select…” button next to the font fields.

Screen Readers 

Screen readers are text-to-speech software that allow people who cannot perceive what is on the screen to access web content through a speech synthesizer or braille display. Standard-Knapp  strives to ensure that our web content is accessible to screen readers.

Click to learn more about screen readers on the AFB (American Federation for the Blind) website.


Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices frequently provide an array of accessibility features.

VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android are the screen readers that come built-in. To turn on VoiceOver, go to “Settings”, then “General”, to “Accessibility”, and then turn “VoiceOver” on. You can set the “Accessibility Shortcut” to “VoiceOver” from the “Accessibility” page in order to triple-click the “Home” button to toggle VoiceOver on and off. TalkBack has a similar feature.

“Zoom”, “Magnifier”, “Invert Colors”, “Color Filters”, and “Reduce White Point” are other features and tools on iOS that you can use. These are also available through the “Accessibility Shortcut”.

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