TriWraptor™ Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad Packer

Packaging Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

Standard-Knapp’s TriWraptor™ TSUP (Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad) Packer offers high reliability, robust construction, and the flexibility that our packaging customers need to be successful today… and into the future! Within the TriWraptor TSUP’s footprint lies the ability to package PET, glass, HDPE, steel, aluminum and fiberboard into tray, film, U-board, pad and unsupported configurations.

What makes the TriWraptor truly innovative is its flexible, high-speed Robo-Wand™ wrapping module. The Robo-Wand module provides consistent, tight, wrinkle-free wrapping of a wide range of product sizes. The servo-controlled Robo-Wand has multi-axis control for limitless packing possibilities without the need for change parts and is capable of running up to 85 trays per minute.

Robo-Wand Flexible Film Wrapping Path

High-speed precision wraps on all packs – with no change parts!


TriWraptor - Packaging Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

TriWraptor Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad Packer Standard Features*

Model: TriWraptor TSUP Packer™
Speeds: Up to 85 trays per minute
Case Type: Tray, Pad, Unsupported, U-board
Product Infeed Chain: Application Dependent
Product Lanes: 1 to 8
Tray Sizes: Width: 6.5″ to 21″
Length: 3.25″ to 16″
Tray Height: 1.75″ to 4.50″
Industries Served: Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Household Chemicals and Industrial
Controls: Allen-Bradley Logix
Main Control Panel: Nema 12
Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 Plus
Electrical Supply: 460V – 60 HZ – 3 Phase
Air Supply: 65 PSI
Lubrication: “Lubed-for-Life” bearings
Servo Controller: Allen-Bradley Kinetix
VFD Controller: Allen-Bradley Powerflex 525
Glue Unit: Nordson

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

TriWraptor™ Features

  1. Product Infeed and Tray Magazine The Product Infeed incorporates Zero-Gap technology to ensure that all rows of all packs are full. The high-capacity tray magazine extends out from underneath the infeed for fast, easy reloading.
  2. Escapement and Grouper The Escapement removes upstream line pressure for better grouping. The Grouper separates the products into groups based on the lanes and rows of that pack.
  3. Flight/Tray Merge Section The Flight Merge brings the trays up underneath the grouped product and positions tray tabs for gluing.
  4. Gluing & Compression Section The Gluing & Compression Section applies glue to the tray tabs using electronics-controlled pneumatic spray guns. Electronic controls ensure precision glue application over a wide range of tray sizes.
  5. Wrapping Section with Robo-Wand The servo-controlled Robo-Wand provides simple and accurate product wrapping over a wide range of product heights, widths and configurations.

High-Capacity, Ergonomic Tray Blank Magazine

The horizontally loaded tray blank magazine allows the operator to load up to 1200 blanks without bending or stretching.

  Tray blank magazine

Slide-out Film Feed

The film bed pivots downward so that the entire assembly slides out for quick inspection and ease of maintenance. Recovery from a jam is quick and easy.

Slide-out film feed

Consistent Film Tension

Wrapping film remains taut and maintains continuous flow for worry-free output, even film cuts and dependable product wraps.

Side Film Stand

The dual-roll side film stand provides high-capacity film inventory for less frequent roll replacement, ergonomic loading, simple film splicing, and open access to film rolls.

  • Zero-Gap Infeed eliminates product void early in loading process, providing jam-free operation and avoiding lane product starving. Smoothly and reliably, the infeed guarantees steady release of product, with no tipping, product damage or mis-packs.
  • Compression Paddles guide product with positive control for precise tray forming with smooth, even and orderly product flights.
  • Robo-Wand™ wrapping system seamlessly adapts to different product profiles at the touch of a button. High-speed, wrinkle-free precision wraps on all types of packs with intuitive height and length pattern detection. Multi-axis servo-controlled operation and magnetically-held design allows for limitless packing possibilities with minimal maintenance and no change parts.
  • Intuitive Operator Interface on a high-resolution run screen, displaying at-a-glance system status. Machine speed is indicated by a recognizable speedometer graphic.
  • Changeover from one pack style to another is quick and simple – the TriWraptor was engineered for unsupported operation, so changing to a pad, tray or U-board configuration can be done in 15 minutes. The operator simply selects a new product on the operator interface screen and installs a small number of lightweight change parts. All change parts are CNC precisionmachined for accurate fit and plug-and-play operation.
  • Modular Construction and engineering to extremely tight tolerances ensures gentle product transitions and smooth transfers between conveyors.

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