597 TriWraptor™ Modular Multipacker/Bundler

For Consistent Bull’s Eye and Bottom Seals

The newest addition to the world of multipacking is our new Standard-Knapp TriWraptor™ Multipacker. Featuring modular construction and a high-efficiency heat tunnel, our multipacker arranges and neatly wraps bundles of product, producing outstanding bull’s eyes to ensure that your message gets conveyed properly every time.

TriWraptor™ is our new family of continuous-motion Tray/Shrink systems, and it represents a leap forward in the design and assembly of packaging machines.

597 TriWraptor™ Features

Our new Servo-driven Film Cutting Knife enables the TriWraptor™ Multipacker to cut the film faster and with more precision than ever before. Film cut speeds are no longer determined by film feed speeds, ensuring that a good clean cut is made every time. Access to the knife and film bed area is improved with our maintenance-friendly Slide-out Film Bed.

The multi-axis technology in our new RoboWrap™ system, featuring the Robo-Wand™, offers limitless wrapping possibilities. The wrapping wand no longer follows a set path and is programmable to new shapes and sizes, with or without trays. As the market drives new applications, the TriWraptor™ Multipacker with Robo-Wand™ wrapping technology stays flexible and competitive!

Our Intuitive Operator Interface is easy to learn and easy to use. The simplified custom graphics allow users of any skill level to understand and operate the machine quickly. Fault recovery is aided by on-screen prompts to ensure high uptime.

597 Tritium™ Multipacker

TriWraptor™ Multipacker Specifications*

Model: TriWraptor™ Multipacker
Speeds: Up to 120 packs per minute (1 Track)
Up to 360 packs per minute (3 Track)
Infeed Style: Butt Connect or available Side Sweep onto 5′ infeed extension
Product Infeed Chain: Intralox Series 900
Product Lanes: 1 – 8
Product Range: 2″ Dia. – 7″ Dia.
Multipack Range:** 2 X 1 – 8 X 4
Max. Film Roll Diameter: 20″
Max Film Roll Width: 34″
Industries Served: Food, beverage, personal care
Controls: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
Main Control Panel: Nema 12, Machine/Boom Mounted
Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 Plus
Electrical Supply: 460V – 60 HZ – 3 Phase
Air Supply: 80 PSI
Lubrication: Clustered
Servo Controller: Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000
VFD Controller: Allen-Bradley Powerflex 40P VFD

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
** Pack patterns vary for different size products.

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