Lowering Head Module

for 939S and 949S Versatron™ Case Packers

This easy-to-maintain unit places the product entirely into the empty case to ensure positive placement and gentle handling of every container. This unit is available on new case packers and can also be retrofitted on existing units.

There are a number of key features that Standard-Knapp has built into the Lowering Head Module:

Heavy Duty Construction:

  • Engineered to run 24/7
  • Mechanical grippers provide long life and high uptime

Docking Station

  • For easy changeover
  • Color coded
  • Slide in – lock in place
  • Couplings are designed for positive – no error – connections

Mechanical Gripper Actuation

  • Soft container handling
  • Engineered to grab product in the optimum, most secure position or spot

PLC Configurable Placement Profiles

  • Gripping action is easily configured
  • Distance that product travels into the case is easily set from the HMI (operator interface)

Rollers Instead of Riding Strips or Transfer Plates

  • Eliminates tilting and ensures straight alignment
  • No edges to cause wear or cut seams

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