939 Pic-N-Place Case Packer

The Standard-Knapp Pic-N-Place Case Packer offers field-proven reliability and is the perfect solution for both partitioned and partitionless case packing. The Pic-N-Place uses adjustable, heavy-duty grippers to pick up and gently place an entire pack of product completely into the bottom of every case. This proprietary technology eliminates breakage and is capable of speeds up to 30 cycles per minute.

Standard Knapp also offers tandem case capability with the 949 Pic-N-Place.  A Pic-N-Place module is also available for retrofitment on existing Standard-Knapp Versatron case packers.

There are a number of key features that Standard-Knapp has built into this easy-to-maintain unit:

  • Robust Construction – Stainless steel tubular frame
  • High Reliability – Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Simple Operation – Fast, easy operation
  • Easy Walk-by Maintenance – See-through safety guarding
  • Flexible and Adaptable – To future applications
  • Quality Fit and Finish

Optional Equipment

  • Flap Opener
  • Clustered or Automatic Lubrication System
  • Tandem Case Packing

Pic-N-Place Case Packer Specifications*

The Standard-Knapp Pic-N-Place Case Packer features a robust, stainless steel packer frame with a heavy-duty, 2-axis placement system. This gently handles product and is perfect for both partitioned and partitionless packing.

Model: 939 Pic-N-Place Case Packer
Speed: Up to 30 cycles per minute
Case Types: Plastic, Corrugated, HSC, RSC, Tablock, Tandem, Double Tier
Infeed Style: Butt Connect or available side sweep onto 5′ infeed extension
Product Infeed Chain: 15″ wide Intralox Series 900
Product Lanes: 1 – 8 lanes
Case Sizes: 6″ – 15″ wide
Tray Height: 3″ – full bottle height
Industries Served: Food, beverage, personal care
Controls: Allen-Bradley SLC503 – 24 Volts
Main Control Panel: NEMA 12, Machine Mounted
Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView
Electrical Supply: 230/460V – 50-60 HZ
Air Supply: 70 psi with 1/2″ NPT
Lubrication: Point, cluster or automatic
Infeed Drive: 2 HP with VFD
Casefeed Drive: 1 HP with VFD
Controller: Powerflex 40 VFD

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement.
Specifications are subject to change based on product line conditions or customer requirements.

Robust 2-axis servo-controlled delta robot provides optimum control of the entire pack of product.
Adjustable head adapts to multiple product sizes.
Open concept design eliminates need for riding strips. See-through guarding allows for easy system assessments. Easy-access lubrication and inspection points make maintenance a breeze.
Simple, color-coded, bythe-numbers changeover.
User-friendly HMI touchscreen control panel.
The product and empty case enter the machine via customer conveyors. The case is positioned on the lift table.
The product infeed bottle stop holds the product in place for precise overhead gripping.
The overhead gripper assembly grabs the product from the infeed.
As the lift table raises the empty case, the product is moved smoothly from the infeed and inserted completely into the bottom of the case.
The gripper head returns to the product infeed, ready to grab the next group of product as the full case is discharged. Then a new case moves onto the table.

Change Parts

All Versatron Servo Case Packer change parts are designed for 15-minute changeover, utilizing 3 modular components:

  1. Riding Strips have unique slide-in design for automatic alignment.
  2. Grid Basket uses Standard-Knapp’s patented Snap-in Grid Technology to easily change from product to product.
  3. Lane Guide Spacers are lightweight and have chamfered edges for easy drop-in replacement.

1. Riding Strips

The riding strips have a unique, slide-in design.

  • Automatic alignment
  • Durable materials

2. Grid Basket

Patented Snap-In Grid Technology provides easy changeover and maintenance for a variety of product sizes.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Safe, easy changeover
  • Low downtime

3. Lane Guide Spacers

The lane guide spacers ensure the perfect width for each product.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Pre-assembled for convenient storage and installation
  • Chamfered edges make for easy, drop-in replacement

Standard Grid Features:

  1. Grid-full Detection feature is completely adjustable.
  2. Quick-adjust Handles provide quick adjustment and eliminate the need for tools.
  3. Scales and Pointers ensure fast and repeatable machine changeovers.
  4. Grid Caddy is ergonomically designed for quick changeover of grid basket.
  5. Modular Design for simple, no-tools changeover. Each unit consists of a grid basket, riding strips and lane guide spacers.

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