Case Sealers, Uncasers and Other Specialty Equipment

Standard-Knapp’s continuous-motion case slitters and sealers complete the packing process on filled tab-lock corrugated cases at speeds of up to 80 cases per minute (cpm), depending on product specifications, offering high-speed, reliable case finishing. Standard-Knapp product uncasers quickly and gently removes glass and plastic containers from full cases, and the Servo-driven Bottle Laner is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes.

199 Continuous-motion Case Glue Sealer

Standard-Knapp’s 199 Glue Sealer is a high-speed machine for sealing Primed Flap and Re-shipper (RSC) cases. Utilizing a one-hose, four-gun, hot melt glue system, the sealer glues and folds the top flaps into place.

199 Continuous-motion Tape Sealer

The Standard-Knapp 199 Case Tape Sealer is a continuous-motion inline machine that provides consistent tape sealing, whether integrated with the discharge of a case packer or installed as a stand-alone machine.

189 Slitter/Sealer

Standard-Knapp’s 189 Slitter/Sealer is a high-speed machine for finishing tab-locked cases. It’s really two machines in one – the first half of the machine gently slits the tabs of the case with no moving knives and arranges the tabs to accept glue. The second half of the machine glues and folds the tabs into place.

646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser

The 646 series of Pic-N-Place Uncaser machines quickly and gently removes glass and plastic containers from cases at speeds of up to 75 cases per minute (cpm), depending on machine configuration and product specifications. Standard-Knapp’s unique Pic-N-Place system incorporates lightweight arms driven by heavy-duty servo motors, ensuring quick, smooth and consistent operation.

Servo-driven Bottle Laner

Standard-Knapp’s Servo-driven Bottle Laner is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes, and it can also redistribute two lanes into three or more for more efficient bottle packing. Powered by a servo drive and timing belt, the Bottle Laner actuates payout of a specific quantity of containers to the downstream lanes, ensuring the lines remain steadily supplied and balanced.

EZ Picker™

The Standard-Knapp EZ Picker™ is engineered for quick and easy handling of glass bottles. It accommodates full and empty bottles alike. This ingenious device was designed with craft brewers, small wineries and distilleries in mind.

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