199 Continuous-Motion Case Glue Sealer

Standard-Knapp’s 199 Glue Sealer is a high-speed machine for sealing Primed Flap and Re-shipper (RSC) cases. Utilizing a one-hose, four-gun, hot melt glue system, the sealer glues and folds the top flaps into place.

High Efficiencies

Inline machine design allows for high speed, consistent sealing of all incoming cases whether close coupled to the discharge of a case packer or installed as a stand-alone machine.

  • On demand servo controlled flap tucker ensures precise timing and consistent glue pattern. Pneumatically controlled flap tucker is also available for slower speeds.
  • One hose, four(4) low-cavity glue guns ensure reliable gluing and virtually no-drip operation.
  • Designed with fewer moving parts to reduce downtime.
  • Continuous-motion, inline case handling permits high-speed sealing. 50-75 cpm is achievable with addition of optional speed kit (includes high-speed flap tucker and extended compression module).
  • Robust, proven compression section utilizes standard friction belt to easily handle lightweight cases and eliminates the need for side belts.
  • Dual side case sensors ensures accurate glue placement.

Simple Operation

  • User-friendly HMI touch-screen control panel
  • No guard doors – access to sealer is safeguarded by light curtains to allow for easy entry for changeover or maintenance
  • Hot melt unit mounts on either side of the sealer
  • Operations and maintenance manuals available on CD-ROM

Quick, Positive Changeover

  • One operator can complete changeover in less than 2 minutes
  • No tools or change parts needed
  • Infeed glue pattern is changed with the push of a button
  • To eliminate guesswork, each changeover point is numbered, and corresponding settings are documented on chart provided with machine

Low-maintenance Design

  • Rust-proof stainless steel frame
  • Continuous motion design reduces “impact” wear

199 Glue Sealer Specifications*

Model: 199 Glue Sealer
Speed: 50-75 cpm optional with addition of speed kit†
Case Specifications: Corrugated, RSC or Primed Flaps
Case Dimensions
(Min. – Max.):
Length: 7″ – 24″
Width: 5.5″ – 19″
Height: 5″ – 18″
Voltage: 230/460V, 60Hz, 3-Phase
Control Voltage: 24 VDC
Hot Melt Unit: Nordson® ProBlue 7
Construction: Stainless Steel

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
†Optional speed kit includes high-speed flap tucker and extended compression module.

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