189 Continuous-Motion Case Slitter/Sealer

Standard-Knapp’s 189 Slitter/Sealer is a high-speed machine for finishing tab-locked cases. It’s really two machines in one – the first half of the machine gently slits the tabs of the case with no moving knives and arranges the tabs to accept glue. The second half of the machine glues and folds the tabs into place.

High Efficiencies

Inline machine design eliminates the need to turn the case when slitting the tab-locks on incoming cases. 

  • Pitch adjustment with servo motors ensures precise timing and eliminates operator error
  • Positive product timing with innovative infeed design
  • Designed with fewer moving parts to reduce downtime
  • Continuous-motion, inline case handling permits speed in excess of 80 cases per minute

Simple Operation

  • User-friendly touch-screen control panel
  • Ergonomic operator screen swings to convenient position where needed
  • Convenient Job Training Aid (JTA) quick-reference booklet guides new operators
  • Operations and maintenance manuals available on CD-ROM

Quick, Positive Changeover

  • One operator can complete changeover in less than 15 minutes
  • No tools or change parts needed 
  • Infeed pitch timing is changed with the push of a button
  • To eliminate guesswork, each changeover point is numbered, and corresponding settings are documented on chart provided with machine

Low-maintenance Design

  • Rust-proof stainless steel frame does not require painting
  • Guard doors are interlocked optically with a photo beam which, when broken, triggers a machine stop
  • Servos replace high-maintenance cams and chains
  • Continuous motion design reduces “impact” wear

Easy Timing & Adjustment

The entire machine process is controlled by three servo motors and two variable drives. Fewer moving parts make the width of the entire machine adjustable using one hand crank.

  • Two servos time and transport cases through the infeed
  • Pitch is easily adjusted during changeover – servos home to the new pitch with the press of a button
  • Third servo motor controls the trailing flap tucker, allowing an optimal speed profile as cases advance
  • Main variable drive controls case motion through the knife section and into the flap closing section
  • Touch-screen control panel is used to control speed of the case drive in the case sealing section

189 Slitter/Sealer Specifications*

Model: 189 Slitter/Sealer
Speed: 80 cpm max.
Case Specifications: Corrugated, RSC (with tab-lock flaps 1-1/2″ tab max.)
Case Dimensions
(Min. – Max.):
Length: 12″ – 20″
Width: 8″ – 15″
Height: 6″ – 13″
Voltage: 230/460-60-3
Control Voltage: 24 VDC
Power Supply: Acopian 24 VDC
Remote Electrical Panel: NEMA 12
Junction Boxes: NEMA 4X
Operator Interface: PanelView 600 (Data Highway +)
Motors: Reliance XEX, 3 HP on Slitter and Sealer
Variable Frequency Drive: Allen-Bradley 1305 RIO on Slitter motor (Sealer drive is fixed speed)
Processor: Allen-Bradley PLC 5
Servo: Giddings & Lewis
Guard Door Interlocks: Infrared, optic light beam
Hot Melt Unit: Slautterback or Nordson
Proximity Switches: Turck with Eurofast quick-disconnect cords
Photoeyes: PhotoSwitch with Brad Harrison quick-disconnect cords
Utility Consumption: Power: 25 KWH
Air: negligible
Construction: Stainless Steel

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
** Depending on Product and Cases.


  1. Infeed Timer meters cases onto Main Flight Chain
  2. Main Flight Chain transports cases through Slitting Section
  3. Warping Lugs lift case to expose Tab-Locks
  4. Cases are lowered onto Knife Guide to free minor flaps
  5. Teardrop Lugs position leading minor flaps to be rolled down by Pac Man –Trailing Teardrop positions trailing minor flap to be plowed into place by mouth of Pac Man
  6. Major Flaps positioned for application of Hot Melt

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