Case Sealers

Continuous-Motion High-Speed Case Finishers

199 Sealer199 Sealer

Standard-Knapp's 199 Sealer is a high-speed machine for sealing Primed Flap and Re-shipper (RSC) cases. Utilizing a one-hose, four-gun, hot melt glue system, the sealer glues and folds the top flaps into place. |  Details | 

189 Slitter/Sealer189 Slitter/Sealer

Standard-Knapp's 189 Slitter/Sealer is a high-speed machine for finishing tab-locked cases. It's really two machines in one – the first half of the machine gently slits the tabs of the case with no moving knives and arranges the tabs to accept glue. The second half of the machine glues and folds the tabs into place.  |  Details |