357 Orbitron™ Continuous-Motion Case Packing Machine / Bottle Packer

The 357 Orbitron™ is a great way to get bottles or cans into cases or pre-formed trays. The overhead flight section guides product into the box continuously, while maintaining a small footprint.

  1. Orbitron’s technology advantage begins with the compact rotary product spacing wheel.
  2. Bottles entering the neck support assembly are gently lowered into case or tray with little or no drop.
  3. The case feed conveyor is power adjustable to accommodate tray height variations.
  4. Positive-positioning change part locators are provided with pre-set stops to allow immediate start-up and production.
  5. Direct drive “shear arm” assembly eliminates gearbox backlash for accurate bottle to case timing.
  6. Single-point adjust-down product detectors protect product and machine. 
  7. Patented on-demand oscillator operates only when smooth product flow is interrupted, for continuous operation.
  8. Compact, all-stainless-steel frame. Full-length, electrically interlocked guard doors provide quick access and complete safety.
  9. Screw-type adjustment points for easy changeover.
  10. Integral quick-adjust handles for minimum tool requirements.
  11. Case lug chain take-up mounted outside frame for easy access.
  12. Operator control station mounted via 180° swivel arm provides maximum convenience and safety in setup and operation. “Handless” operation.
  13. Remote-mounted main electrical enclosure provides flexibility of location.
  14. NEMA 4x SST electrical boxes mounted on machine allow full washdown.
  15. Optional automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance requirements and enhances machine longevity.
  16. Five-foot infeed extension for loose product sweep-off. Delete option for multipack-only applications.
  17. Three-color indicating beacon for quick and easy machine status.

357 Orbitron™ Bottle Packer Specifications*

Model: 357
Speed: Up to 65 CPM, depending on product and cases
Trays/Cases: Corrugated, plastic; 1/4 to full depth
Products: PET Bottles: 16 oz., 20 oz., 32 oz., 64 oz., 0.5 L, 1 L, 1.5 L, 2 L, 3 L
Glass: 10 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz.; carbonated and non/low carbonated
Cans: 12 oz.
Pack Patterns: 2×3, 2×4
Loose: 3×4, 3×5
Multipacks: 4, 6, 8, 12 packs
Infeed: Straight in for multipacks, sweep off for loose
Discharge: Gravity roller conveyor supplied by customer, adjustable with case discharge height
Controls: 24 vDC with A-B SLC 500
Electric Motors: Two 1 HP motors with variable frequency drives
Machine-mounted Enclosures: NEMA 4x
Main Control Enclosure: NEMA 4, painted steel-it

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Change Parts: Compact – Lightweight – Low Cost

Orbitron case packer change parts are “snap-in” style that lock into pre-set positive positions. Changeover is easily accomplished in 15-20 minutes with one person. No hoists or extra personnel are required.

A. Product Spacer Wheel
B. Neck Guide Support Assembly
C. Drop-in Lane Guide Spacers
D. Case Timing Lug Chain

  • Overhead flight lug assembly for non-carbonated/compressible products
  • Roller flap guides for two-flap cases (major flaps)
  • Alternate PLC models available to suit customer needs
  • Message display for descriptive operational information
  • Data Table Access Module (DTAM) provides access to programmable speeds
  • Extended powered discharge conveyor for tall products
Standard-Knapp offers the following upgrade kits to enhance the productivity of your model 357 Bottle Packer. Upgrade kit documentation is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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