939 APT Versatron™ Active Product Transfer Case Packer

Our top-of-the-line 939APT Versatron™ with Active Product Transport uses a unique active method of motivating product into the grid area– which is great for handling difficult shapes (non-round) or compressible containers. The 939APT also takes advantage of the Soft-Catch servo lift table.

  • Efficiently handles reverse tapered bottles, flasks, unstable bottles, personal-care containers, locking shapes, trigger bottles and other non-round products
  • New APT technology pulls product into packing area, eliminating line pressure
  • High-speed, integrated servo laning for maximum product delivery
  • Smooth transfers with pressureless product handling
  • Precise indexing of cases for maximum control
  • “Soft Catch” is quiet and gentle
  • Robust construction and extremely low-maintenance operation

Versatron APT Case Packing Innovations

  • Low-pressure, low-friction infeed eliminates locking or shingling
  • Beaded lane guides offer nearly zero side friction
  • Robust mounting prevents deflection
  • Sensors count bottles as they enter Active Product Transport
  • Sliding gears
  • APT chains
  • Patent applied for

Versatron™ ATP Case Packer Specifications**

Model: 939s APT Non-indexing Case Feed 939s APT Indexing Case Feed
   1 case/cycle
   2-4 cases/cycle
28 cpm
40 cpm
45 cpm
75 cpm
Product Types: designed for the difficult to handle products
(non-round, locking shapes, unstable, or reversed tapered)
Product Materials: PET, HDPE, glass, cartons, metal cans, fiber board, etc.
Product Sizes: 4 oz. to 128 oz.
Pack Patterns: 1 lane up to 8 lanes
Pack Handling: Loose containers or multipacks
Case Types: Corrugated, HSC, RSC, tablock, tray, bliss case, partitions, basket carrier, plastic case
Machine Construction: Stainless and mild steel Stainless steel
Infeed Laning: Optional integrated servo laner
Product Stops: Overhead brake, lift & shear, or side stop (product dependent)
Case Feed: Rubber friction belt Active with indexing servo
   Case Timing
   Lift table
   Bottle Laner
1 HP with VFD
1 HP with VFD
Case feed
Mosier cyl.
Servo drive
1 HP with VFD
1 HP with VFD
1 HP with VFD
Servo drive
Servo drive
Servo drive
1 HP with VFD
Controls: SLC 500 ControlLogic
Control Voltage: 24 volts DC (others quoted)
Main Panel: NEMA 12 mounted to frame
Operator Interface: PanelView 550 (others quoted)
Air Required: 60 psi

* Speeds in brochure are maximum speeds only and could vary depending on products and trays.
** Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

APT Case Feed and Case Table Features

Downstream view of case feed

  1. Metering case stop
  2. Front case stop
  3. Case release
  4. Indexing case lug (Servo driven)
  5. Case brake
  6. Rack and pinion case guide adjustment

End view of case table

  1. Lift table servo
  2. Drive coupling
  3. Rear case clamp
  4. Front case stop

Side view of case table

  1. Indestructible rack and pinion
  2. Heavy cast housing
  3. Thomson shafts with linear bearings

Product Laner Section, Integrated to Packer Infeed


Change Parts

All Versatron Servo Case Packer change parts are designed for 15-minute changeover, utilizing 3 modular components:

  1. Riding Strips have unique slide-in design for automatic alignment.
  2. Grid Basket uses Standard-Knapp’s patented Snap-in Grid Technology to easily change from product to product.
  3. Lane Guide Spacers are lightweight and have chamfered edges for easy drop-in replacement.

1. Riding Strips

The riding strips have a unique, slide-in design.

  • Automatic alignment
  • Durable materials

2. Grid Basket

Patented Snap-In Grid Technology provides easy changeover and maintenance for a variety of product sizes.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Safe, easy changeover
  • Low downtime

3. Lane Guide Spacers

The lane guide spacers ensure the perfect width for each product.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Pre-assembled for convenient storage and installation
  • Chamfered edges make for easy, drop-in replacement

Standard Grid Features:

  1. Grid-full Detection feature is completely adjustable.
  2. Quick-adjust Handles provide quick adjustment and eliminate the need for tools.
  3. Scales and Pointers ensure fast and repeatable machine changeovers.
  4. Grid Caddy is ergonomically designed for quick changeover of grid basket.
  5. Modular Design for simple, no-tools changeover. Each unit consists of a grid basket, riding strips and lane guide spacers.

Standard-Knapp offers the following upgrade kits and modules to enhance the productivity of your model 939 APT Versatron™ Case Packer:

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