Introducing TriWraptor™

Introducing the TriWraptor™ TSUP (Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad) Packer

New Machine Offers Packaging Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

Standard-Knapp continues its long track record of packaging machinery innovation with the launch of the TriWraptor™ TSUP (Tray/Shrink/Unsupported/Pad) multipacker. Within the footprint of the TriWraptor™ lies the ability to package PET, glass, HDPE, steel, aluminum and fiberboard into multiple pack configurations – tray, film, U-board, pad and unsupported. Added to this flexibility are the high reliability, robust construction and simple operation that make Standard-Knapp a leader in packaging machinery.

What makes the TriWraptor™ truly innovative is its flexible, high-speed Robo-Wand™ wrapping module. The Robo-Wand™ module provides consistent, tight, wrinkle-free wrapping of a wide range of product sizes. The Robo-Wand™ can be fully customized to follow the height and length of the final pack-pattern, providing a consistent, tight, wrinkle-free wrap. With the ability to run up to 85 trays per minute, the Robo-Wand™ also offers multi-axis control for limitless packing possibilities without the need for change parts.

Designed for ease of operation and maintenance, the new TriWraptor™ has the flexibility needed for producing more with less packaging materials, responding to “truck to shelf to consumer” packaging requirements, and reducing waste. For up-to-date machine specifications and media, click here.

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