Standard-Knapp Announces 598 Tritium™ Shrink Wrapper for Increased Speed and Reliability

Features a Robo-Wand™ wrapping section and precise servo-driven film cutting system

Portland, CT – Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, announces its innovative 598 Tritium™ Shrink Wrapper, a continuous motion shrink wrapper capable of handling applications in the food, beverage and personal care industries.

The 598 Tritium™ Shrink Wrapper is equipped with a 2-axis servo-driven wrapping module which is easily programmed to follow the contour of all incoming trays of product. This Robo-Wand™ wrapping module requires no physical change parts or adjustments and can run at high rates of speed. The Tritium™ Shrink Wrapper also features a precise servo-driven film cutting system which accurately cuts the required length of film efficiently and reliably. The servo-driven film cutting system can handle both clear and registered film, printed with marketing graphics and detailed product information.

The modular construction of the 598 Tritium™ Shrink Wrapper allows for precise assembly with no adjustments. The 598 also features an ergonomically designed side film stand which makes it easier for operators to reload film rolls. In addition, its slide-out film feed and increased visibility makes walk-by maintenance™ a snap. 

The plastic shrink tunnel product conveyer allows for increased energy efficiencies and virtually no sticking of plastic film.

In addition, the 598 Tritium™ share the features of all Standard-Knapp packers, which include long life, easy operations and maintenance that makes changeover simple and fast, excellent and easy to use human machine interface (HMI), and outstanding customer service.

Standard-Knapp is the leading manufacturer of innovative packing machinery for a variety of industries including beverage, food, household chemicals, personal care, and automotive. A pioneer in the field of automatic packaging equipment, Standard-Knapp provides robust, efficient packaging solutions such as tray packers, tray loading machines, case packers, shrink wrappers, and bottle packers.

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