Wrap-Around Packer

333 Vanguard

333 Vanguard - Wrap Around Packer

Standard-Knapp's Model 333 Vanguard produces a tight, square, cost-saving wrap-around tray or full case shipper. The compact design allows it to fit into any shop floor. Snap-in parts and quick-handle adjustments provide reliable, repeatable changeover.

The wide product packaging range includes:

  • Cans
  • Metal/composite
  • Cartons Bottles (glass or plastic)
  • Multi-packs
  • Round or Non-round
  • Tubs
  • Vacuum
  • Gable top
  • Aseptic packs

Vanguard Wrap-Around Packer Features

Vanguard Wrap-Around Packer Features
Vanguard provides full corrugated wraparound packing. Vanguard provides full corrugated wraparound packing. Pneumatically-controlled top and side actuation provide complete control over compression. Delicate products are fully protected.
Snap-in change parts Snap-in change parts and high-visibility indicators and scales ensure accurate, repeatable changeover.
Wide mouth, flexible vacuum cups Wide mouth, flexible vacuum cups and high-volume suction ensure consistant blank selection and forming.

333 Vanguard Wrap-Around Packer Specifications*

Model:333 Vanguard Packer

Optional Equipment:

  • Auto-lubrication
  • Panelview 1000+ with graphically driven HMI
  • Side-sweep infeed to easily match end-user conveyors
  • Remote panel
Speed:**Up to 30 cycles per minute**
Infeed Style:Butt Connect or Side Sweep onto 5' extension
Product Lanes:1 – 8 lanes
Product Types:Single, Multi-Pack, Glass, Plastic, Round, Non-Round
Case/Tray Types:Corrugated
Case/Tray Sizes:6×9×4" min; 13×18×14" max
Wrap Dimensions:6×9×4" min; 13×18×14" max
Retrieval Control:High-Volume Suction
Main Control Panel:NEMA 12, Machine Mounted
Interface:Allen-Bradley PanelView
System Control:Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
Electrical Supply: 460VAC – 3-phase 60Hz
Air Supply: 80psi with 1/2" NPT
Lubrication: Point, Cluster or Automatic
Infeed Drive: 2 HP
Indexing Conveyor: Servo-Driven Lug Chain
Retrieval Control: Servo-Driven Lift, Vacuum Hold
Glue Type: Hot Glue with Spray Application

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change based on product line conditions or customer requirements.
** Depending on product and case.