686 PikMore™ High-speed Uncaser

The Standard-Knapp PikMore continuous-motion uncaser is the first step in fast, accurate packaging. It quickly and gently removes empty bottles from the case and presents them to the bottling line upright and ready to rinse. Using the same technology as our industry-leading PakMore™ continuous-motion case packer, the PikMore provides operator-free uncasing at speeds of up to 75 cases per minute – all with a small footprint.

The PikMore™ Uncaser – The first step in perfectly finished product.

  • Robust Construction – Stainless steel tubular frame
  • High Reliability – Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Simple Operation – Fast, easy operation
  • Easy Walk-by Maintenance™ – See-through safety guarding
  • Flexible and Adaptable to future applications
  • Quality Fit and Finish – Proudly assembled in the USA

686 PikMore™ Specifications*

Model: 686 PikMore™
Speeds: 50 cpm (6 head)
75 cpm (9 head)
Electrical Supply: 460V
Air Supply: 80 psi with 1/2 NPT
Controls: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView
Control Panel: Stainless Steel Nema 12†
Lighting: Two Vaportite Overhead Lights
Motors: Main Drive – 5 HP
Bottle Discharge Drive: 1-1/2 HP
Servo Motors: None
Bearings: Sealmaster Goldline Beverage Bearings†
Case Control: Angled Rubber Hold-down Rollers
Operator Alert Beacon: Tri color stack light
Footprint: 16′ 9″ x 6′ 8″
Assembled in: Portland, CT

† Optional

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Pik Efficiency

In the event of a mispacked case, the PikMore will continue to operate smoothly without stopping – the faulty pack will simply pass through the machine via the case conveyor to be ejected at a later point in the packaging line.

Pik Consistency

The precise handoff between the gripper head and the empty bottle conveyor ensures that the bottles remain upright for the next step in the packaging process.

Pik Autonomy

The PikMore has been designed to operate continuously without an operator present.


  1. The full case of empty bottles is transported into the machine and enters the hatching area, via customer upstream conveyors.
  2. The lowering head tracks the case once it is hatched, positioning the grippers above the bottles.
  3. The grippers engage the tops of the bottles by cradling the lip of each bottle’s neck.
  4. The lowering head raises the bottles up and out of the case, which is held down by retaining wheels.
  5. The lowering head, while holding the bottles, is raised up as it advances toward the empty bottle conveyor. The empty case exits the machine on the empty case conveyor.
  6. The lowering head gently places the bottles on the speed-matched discharge conveyor and releases them. The lowering head is then raised up and out of the way, returning to its original position to pick more bottles.

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