989 PakMore™ Continuous-Motion, Soft-placement Case Packer

Standard-Knapp’s 989 PakMore™ is a high-speed case packer offering smooth, continuous motion; precise servo product grouping; soft placement of bottles into the case; and automated changeover. The PakMore allows for faster and smoother packaging of bottles in a variety of industries, including soft drink, beer, wine, food, and household products.

Low maintenance and high reliability are achieved through the positive, continuous operation from the infeed through placement of bottles into the case. Many innovative and proven features have been incorporated into the PakMore™, including a pressureless Zero-gap infeed, the flexibility of an inline or peninsula layout, and positive packing action that places the bottles in the bottom of the case. The case packer’s technologically advanced, dual-axis servo grouper and gripper heads are designed to maximize placement accuracy and minimize bottle damage, picking up bottles and safely lowering them into the case. Other features include smart and quick fault recovery systems and robust construction designed for the demanding 24×7 operation.

  • High reliability – designed for 24/7 operation at 50 or 75 CPM
  • Simple operation and intuitive operator interface
  • Smart innovation with automatic fault recovery features
  • Small footprint with either “inline” or “peninsula” layout
  • Easy walk-by maintenance – all components are visible and accessible
  • Flexible and adaptable to future applications
  • Quality fit and finish – robust stainless construction

Pakmore case packer features

The new case packer provides easier handling of the containers with less bottle breakage, less label damage and higher speed packing.

A Major U.S. Beverage Distributor

989 PakMore™ Specifications*

Model: 989
Speeds: 50, 75 CPM
Electrical Supply: 460V
Air Supply: 80 psi with 3/4 NPT
Controls: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
Servo Drivers: Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 or Kinetix 6000
Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView
Motors: Main Drive – 7-1/2 HP
Zero Gap Drive – 2 HP
Infeed Drive – 1 HP
Grouper – Servo

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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