296TS Continuum™ Integrated Tray Packer & Shrink Wrapper

Already proven at dozens of installations in the food and beverage industry, the Continuum™ Tray Packer is the best machine for achieving efficient operations. Including the optional integrated Shrink Wrapper and Tray Stacker, it has inherent product flexibility and changeover features that are unparalleled in the industry. Whether you are running glass, PET, metal or fiber cans into chipboard or corrugated trays, the Continuum™ is the right tray loading choice.

Reliable design provides high line efficiency

  • Zero-gap infeed eliminates jams
  • Positive tray magazine
  • Precise servo grouper
  • Four-gun glue system

Quick changeover with no tweaking

  • Simple, by-the-numbers changeover system
  • No additional tools necessary
  • Color-coded lane spacers

Flexible Tray Packing & Shrink Wrapping System

  • Handles largest diameter range in the industry, with minimal change parts
  • Loose containers and multipacks
  • PET, metal, glass, HDPE, fiber cans
  • Corrugated or chipboard trays
  • Integrated tray stacker option

Low-maintenance design

  • Machine drive has independent clutch protection
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Gull Wing Guards allow complete access to all points
  • Cluster lubrication with optional automatic pump

296TS Continuum™ Tray Packer / Shrink Wrapper Specifications*

Model: 296TS
Speed: 50, 70, 100 TPM
Product Sizes: 1-3/4″ to 6-1/4″ dia.
Products: Glass jars, PET, HDPE, metal and fiber cans, HiCone, shrink bundles, paperboard overwrap and more
Tray Magazine: Continuous loading vertical hopper, appr. 500 blank capacity
Film Magazine: 21″ diameter
25″ roll length
Film Seal: Overlap weld
Air Requirements: 5 scfm @ 90 psi
Power Requirements: 460v, 60 cycle, 3 phase, 200A
Servo Motors: A-B 1394 and A-B 1398 motion controller
Tunnel Heat: 72 kw
Main Control Enclosure: NEMA 4, painted Steel-it®
Machine-mounted Enclosures: NEMA 4
Controls: 24 vDC with A-B SLC 500, Modicon, or other
Operator Interface: PanelView 1000 or other

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Tray/Shrink System Operation

  1. Operator Interface
    – Simple touch screen controls
    – Push button grouper changeover
    – Efficiency and maintenance functions
  2. Beacon Indicator
    – Green, running or ready to run
    – Yellow, waiting for product
    – Red, operator must intervene
  3. Product/Tray Merge
    – Extremely smooth transition
    – Tray approach is tangent to bottom of product
    – Articulating rear compression pockets
  4. Compression Section
    – Facilitates a tight, square tray
    – Easy phaser pitch adjustment, for variations in board dimensions
    – Single point width adjust
  5. Gull Wing Guard Doors
    – Open for maximum access
    – Interlocked and pneumatically locked to ensure safety
    – Robust frame with Lexan panels
  6. Tray Transport
    – Several blanks in motion
    – Grouper release triggered by waiting tray
    – Simple one-point adjustment
  7. Independent Clutch
    – Flight bar and mechanical groupers are independently clutched for maximum safety
  8. Hotmelt Unit
    – Nordson or other
    – Four-gun applicators
    – No unglued corners when hard stop occurs
  9. Film Take-up
    – Activates to ensure consistent film feed
    – Simple lead and threading
  10. Film Cut/Advance
    – Servo-driven for precision and repeatability
    – Hardened knife for extended life
  11. Film Wrap Wand
    – Handles multiple profiles and sizes
    – Low-wear tracks

Continuum tray Magazine

  1. Precise Adjustment
    – Chains tie sprockets together for precise parallel motion during adjustment
  2. Pneumatic Actuators
    – Support tray stack weight
    – Ratchet tray blanks downward on demand
    – Only two inches of tray blanks rest in “pull-down” area
  3. Positive “Pac-Man”
    – Lugs transport trays toward product merge
    – Positive grip on tray ensures consistent delivery
  4. Vertical Tray Magazine
    – Ergonomic loading of trays from pallet (same orientation)
    – Precise registration against slot
    – True “on-the-fly” loading
    – Able to handle corrugated or chipboard
  5. Tray Pull-down
    – Minimum suction cup motion to maximize efficiency at high speeds

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