Quality Policy

Standard-Knapp is a world-class manufacturer and marketer of packaging machinery for the food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil and personal care industries.

The primary strategic objective of Standard-Knapp is to provide customers with products and services that surpass the competition and exceed customer expectations. Standard-Knapp is committed to achieving this objective through an aggressive Research and Development program, a company commitment to quality and an all-encompassing Customer Service program.

The most important aspects of the pursuit of quality at Standard-Knapp are:

A recognition that machine reliability – the machine performs as expected, the first day and all day every day thereafter – is the most important component of quality to our customers.

Recognition that the other important components of quality to our customers are:

  • After-sales support (correct and prompt spare parts, competent service, and accurate spare parts and operations manuals),
  • Fit and finish of machines and parts,
  • Prompt and courteous communications, and
  • On-time delivery.

Continuous quality improvement will be pursued through a company wide program called Quality First, which is made up of a matrix of quality improvement teams and includes the development and use of a formal, documented quality system that complies with ISO 9001.