646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser

Quickly and Gently Removes Glass and Plastic Containers From Full Cases

646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser
  • Robust Construction – Stainless steel tubular frame
  • High Reliability – Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Simple Operation – Fast, easy operation
  • Easy Walk-by Maintenance™ – See-through safety guarding
  • Flexible and Adaptable to future applications
  • Quality Fit and Finish – Solid appearance & reliable operation

646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser

646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser Features

Heavy duty servo motors

Heavy duty servo motors equipped with robust, light weight arms ensure quick, smooth, and consistent motion.

Precision, servo-driven operation

Precision, servo-driven operation ensures that bottle motion matches conveyor speed when placing and releasing.

Full-neck insertion

Full-neck insertion places the bottom of the gripper against the shoulder of the bottle for secure handling.

The Uncasing Process Explained

The Uncasing Process
  1. Indexing: Full cases enter the case infeed through a gate for positive control of system back pressure.
  2. Positioning & Gripping: Servo controls position gripper fingers directly over each bottle so that each gripper enters partitioned or non-partitioned cases with ease.
  3. Placement: Pneumatically-driven grippers (latch or bladder) provide secure gripping of bottles.

Pic-N-Place Uncaser Specifications*

The Standard-Knapp 646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser features a stainless steel packer frame, articulating-arm gripper placement, clear safety guarding, and quick, easy changeover.

Model: 646 Pic-N-Place Uncaser

Optional Equipment:

  • Auto-lubrication
  • Panelview 1000+ with graphically driven HMI
  • Latch or bladder grippers
  • Remote panel
Speed: Up to 30 cycles per minute**
Casefeed Style:Butt Connect
Bottle Output:Group or 1-6 lanes
Product Types:Bottles (plastic or glass)
Case Sizes: 6" ??? 15" width; 4" ??? 13" height
Main Control Panel:NEMA 12, Machine Mounted
Operator Interface:Allen-Bradley PanelView???
System Control:Allen-Bradley CompactLogix???
Electrical Supply:460VAC ??? 3-phase 60Hz
Pneumatics Supply:80psi with 1/2" NPT
Lubrication:Point, Cluster or Automatic
Infeed Drive:2 HP
Indexing ConveyorServo-Driven Conveyor

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change based on product line conditions or customer requirements.
** Depending on product and case.