Case Sealers, Uncaser and Laner

Other Packaging Machinery Innovations from Standard-Knapp

Continuous-motion Case Slitters and Sealers

Standard-Knapp Continuous-motion Case Slitters and Sealers complete the packing process on filled tab-lock corrugated cases at speeds of up to 80 cases per minute (cpm), depending on product specifications. |  Details | 

Product Uncasers

Standard-Knapp product uncasers quickly and gently removes glass and plastic containers from full cases.

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Bottle Laner

Standard-Knapp's Servo-driven Bottle Laner is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes, and it can also redistribute two lanes into three or more for more efficient bottle packing. Powered by a servo drive and timing belt, the Bottle Laner actuates payout of a specific quantity of containers to the downstream lanes, ensuring the lines remain steadily supplied and balanced. |  Details |