Centers notched for loading into 6-pack bottle carriers

EZ Picker™

The economical new bottle handling tool

EZ Picker

The Standard-Knapp EZ Picker™ is engineered for quick and easy handling of glass bottles. It accommodates full and empty bottles alike. This ingenious device was designed with craft brewers, small wineries and distilleries in mind.

Unloading empty bottles Unloading empty bottles

Hand-packing full bottles Hand packing full bottles

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • "EZ" to operate
  • Smooth gripping action for gentle product handling
  • • 12-bottle EZ Picker in stock and ready to ship
  • Custom sizes and configurations available
    • 7 oz. – 40 oz. beer bottles in numerous arrangements
    • 750 ml, 1 L, 1.5 L & 1.75 L wine & liquor bottles
  • Can be customized to easily pack 12-bottle rainbow packs and a variety of bottle sizes

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12-bottle EZ Picker Diagram

12-bottle EZ Picker™ shown left (Part # 175-90105)

Lightweight – less than 4 lbs.
No assembly required
Centers notched for loading into 6-pack bottle carriers