Case Packer Change Parts

Fewer Parts – 15-Minute Changeover

Case Packer Change Parts

Standard-Knapp's numerous innovations in materials, design and techniques provide faster, more reliable, more consistent changeover. The increase in speed and safety means an increase in efficiency and a decrease in downtime.

Case Packer Quick Change PartsAll Versatron Servo Case Packer change parts are designed for 15-minute changeover, utilizing 3 modular components:


  1. Riding Strips have unique slide-in design for automatic alignment.
  2. Grid Basket uses Standard-Knapp's patented Snap-in Grid Technology to easily change from product to product.
  3. Lane Guide Spacers are lightweight and have chamfered edges for easy drop-in replacement.


Riding Strips1. Riding Strips

The riding strips have a unique, slide-in design.

Grid Basket2. Grid Basket

Patented Snap-In Grid Technology provides easy changeover and maintenance for a variety of product sizes.

Lane Guide Spacers3. Lane Guide Spacers

The lane guide spacers ensure the perfect width for each product.

Standard Grid Features:

  1. Grid-full Detection feature is completely adjustable.
  2. Quick-adjust Handles provide quick adjustment and eliminate the need for tools.
  3. Scales and Pointers ensure fast and repeatable machine changeovers.
  4. Grid Caddy is ergonomically designed for quick changeover of grid basket.
  5. Modular Design for simple, no-tools changeover. Each unit consists of a grid basket, riding strips and lane guide spacers.

Grid FingersGrid Fingers

Designed for increased control, our damage-limiting fingers come in two varieties: Stainless steel side-slide fingers and plastic corner-glide fingers.

  • The steel fingers are strong, nonbinding and durable
  • The plastic fingers are strong, light and resilient

Changeover CartsChangeover Carts

The changeover cart provides sturdy, mobile storage for color-coded changeover parts.

  • Consistent organization of the color-coded change parts
  • Quick, easy access for fast changeover
  • Holds 2 complete sets of change parts

Retrofit Grids

Standard-Knapp can custom retrofit a grid for any grid-based packing system. The complete grid system allows you to bring your old packers up to date at a fraction of the cost of system replacement. The complete grid installs into your on-line packers with minor alterations, and all existing change parts can be used. Grid parts are interchangeable with new-model packers to lower future cost.