Tandem Case Packer

949S Versatron™

Tandem Case Packer - 949 Versatron

This tandem case packer allows for multiple cases per drop, and therefore operates at higher speeds than our 939S. A two-axis servo system allows the Versatron Servo Case Packer to actually "catch" the product while it descends into the case. The lift table moves the case to the "up" position and waits for a full grid. When grid is full, the riding strips shift to the side and initiate the bottle descent. The lift table simultaneously moves the case downward on a velocity curve that ultimately achieves the same speed at the point of contact (the "soft catch"). See the illustration below.

Other case packing benefits include push-button height adjustment and a wide product range. The vertical motion of the table does not consume air.

The 949S Versatron™ Tandem Case Packer now features a flap opening system, which adds re-shipper capability to our flagship tandem Case Packer. Read more here »

Soft Catch Case Packing


  • Servo laning module for non-round bottles
  • Right-angle or counterflow casefeed
  • Label protection strips
  • 5-foot infeed extension
  • Color touch screen
  • Flap opener with flap scan
  • Flap orientation

Advanced Servo Case Packing Features

939S Case Packer
  1. Product infeed with optional zero-gap bottle laner
  2. Simple drop-in lane spacers
  3. By-the-numbers changeover system
  4. Fully-interlocked Lexan® guards
  5. Swivel-mounted operator interface
  6. Robust stainless steel construction
  7. Servo Axis I for vertical motion of table ("soft catch")
  8. Flap opener for reshipper cases
Servo Case Packing Features
  1. Long-lasting plastic grid fingers position cases and partitions to ensure proper bottle placement
  2. This lug positions the case horizontally and is driven by Servo Axis II
  3. Servo Axis II for horizontal motion of case onto the lift table and to the discharge
Case Packer Quick Change Parts

Change Parts

All Versatron Servo Case Packer change parts are designed for quick changeover.

  1. Riding Strips have unique slide-in design for automatic alignment.
  2. Grid Basket uses Standard-Knapp's patented Snap-in Grid Technology to easily change from product to product.
  3. Lane Guide Spacers are lightweight and have chamfered edges for easy drop-in replacement.

949S Versatron™ Case Packer Specifications*

Speed:**Up to 50 CPM
Product Sizes:Versatile packer handles all sizes within the soft drink, beer, wine, liquor, chemicals, personal care and food industries
Machine Construction:Heavy-duty stainless steel, tubular with weldments
Case Types:Plastic, corrugated, HSC, RSC, Tablock, tray
Air:80 psi with 1/2" NPT
Motors:Product Infeed: 1 HP with variable frequency drive
Casefeed: 1 HP with variable frequency drive
Case Timing: Servo drive
Lift Table: Servo drive
Controls:I/O devices, 24 Volts, Contrologix or other upon request
Main Control Panel:Mounted to machine opposite operator side; one connection at 30 Amp, 460 Volts
Enclosures:NEMA 12, NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X
Operator Interface:Panelview or others
Servo System:Rockwell Contrologix, or other upon request

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
** Speed is dependent upon application.