Low-cost Case Packer for Microbreweries, Wineries & More


Case Packer for Microbreweries and Wineries - Versatron EZ

"The install went much better than I had expected. I scheduled the line to be down all week, but the whole thing literally took 2 days, start to finish. Our old Hamrick packer was out Tuesday morning, the new SK packer was installed in its place Tuesday afternoon, the conveyor modifications were done Wednesday morning, the new packer was wired Wednesday afternoon, final adjustments to box feeds Thursday morning, and we ran 1800 cases of beer after lunch on Thursday. All the work was done by 2 mechanics and a contracted electrician. Boom! Amazing! And we've been running full speed ever since. Very happy and impressed with Standard Knapp!"

Brian Evens, Plant Manager
Southern Tier Brewing Company

The Standard-Knapp EZ Case Packer combines proven and reliable case packing technology in our most affordable package. The EZ Case Packer is the "little brother" of our industry standard Versatron™ family of case packers. It offers the same robust quality, flexibility and adaptability, while operating at speeds of up to 28 cases per minute. Our patented Snap-in Grid technology makes changeover an easy, one-man operation. The use of our air-over-oil lift table to control the descent of product into the case maintains design simplicity without sacrificing control.

The EZ Case Packer – It fits your demand, it fits your floor plan, it fits your budget.

  • Robust Construction – Stainless steel tubular frame
  • High Reliability – Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Simple Operation – Fast, easy operation
  • Easy Walk-by Maintenance™ – See-through safety guarding
  • Flexible and Adaptable to future applications
  • Quality Fit and Finish

EZ Case Packer Features

EZ Quick Product Changeover

EZ Quick Changeover

Simple, color-coded, by-the-numbers changeover is easy to perform, requires no tools and is very repeatable – run another product in as little as fifteen minutes.

EZ Walk-by Maintenance

EZ Walk-by Maintenance™

See-through guarding and easy-access lubrication and inspection points make maintaining our case packing machines a breeze.

EZ Operation

EZ Operation

Our simple touchscreen operator interface is both easy to learn and easy to use.

The Packaging Process Explained

The EZ Packaging Process
  1. The product and the empty case enter the machine via customer conveyors
  2. Overhead braking and case braking is applied to allow the previous slug of product and case to evacuate
  3. The product moves into grid area and is detected and stopped, case moves onto lift table and is detected and stopped
  4. The lift table raises the case up to meet the product, which is dropped through the grid into the case
  5. The case, now filled with product, is lowered by the lift table
  6. The packed case exits the machine via the discharge conveyor

The Standard-Knapp EZ Case Packer features a stainless steel packer frame over a mild steel, "Steel-it" painted casefeed and Air Over Oil lift table. Optional equipment includes a flap opener, servo laner and Panelview 1000+ with graphically driven HMI.

939EZ Case Packer Specifications*

Model:939EZ Case Packer
Speeds:**Up to 30 cpm
Up To 40 cpm Tandem
Case Types:Plastic, Corrugated, HSC, RSC, Tablock, Tandem, Double Tier
Infeed Style:Butt Connect or available Side Sweep onto 5' infeed extension
Product Infeed Chain: 15" wide Rexnord, 1" pitch
Product Lanes:1 - 8 lanes
Case Sizes: 6" - 18" wide
Tray Height:3" - full bottle height
Industries Served:Food, beverage, personal care
Controls:Allen-Bradley CompactLogix - 24 Volts
Main Control Panel: Nema 4
Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView 600+ Color
Electrical Supply:230/460V - 60 HZ
Air Supply:70 psi with 1/2" NPT
Lubrication:Point lubrication
Infeed Drive:2 HP with VFD
Casefeed Drive:1 HP with VFD
Controller: Powerflex 525 VFD

* Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.