Active Product Transfer Case Packer

939 APT Versatron™

Case Packer for Non-round containers- Versatron

Our top-of-the-line 939APT Versatron™ with Active Product Transport uses a unique active method of motivating product into the grid area– which is great for handling difficult shapes (non-round) or compressible containers. The 939APT also takes advantage of the Soft-Catch servo lift table.

Non-round Container Case Packing

Versatron APT Case Packing Innovations

APT Case Feed and Case Table Features

Downstream view of case feed

Downstream view of case feed

  1. Metering case stop
  2. Front case stop
  3. Case release
  4. Indexing case lug (Servo driven)
  5. Case brake
  6. Rack and pinion case guide adjustment
End view of case table

End view of case table

  1. Lift table servo
  2. Drive coupling
  3. Rear case clamp
  4. Front case stop
Side view of case table construction

Side view of case table

  1. Indestructible rack and pinion
  2. Heavy cast housing
  3. Thomson shafts with linear bearings

Product Laner Section, Integrated to Packer Infeed

Case Packer Product Laner Laner Integrated to Packer Infeed

Versatron™ ATP Case Packer Specifications**

Model:939s APT Non-indexing Case Feed939s APT Indexing Case Feed
   1 case/cycle
   2-4 cases/cycle
28 cpm
40 cpm
45 cpm
75 cpm
Product Types:designed for the difficult to handle products
(non-round, locking shapes, unstable, or reversed tapered)
Product Materials:PET, HDPE, glass, cartons, metal cans, fiber board, etc.
Product Sizes:4 oz. to 128 oz.
Pack Patterns:1 lane up to 8 lanes
Pack Handling:Loose containers or multipacks
Case Types:Corrugated, HSC, RSC, tablock, tray, bliss case, partitions, basket carrier, plastic case
Machine Construction:Stainless and mild steelStainless steel
Infeed Laning:Optional integrated servo laner
Product Stops:Overhead brake, lift & shear, or side stop (product dependent)
Case Feed:Rubber friction beltActive with indexing servo
   Case Timing
   Lift table
   Bottle Laner
1 HP with VFD
1 HP with VFD
Case feed
Mosier cyl.
Servo drive
1 HP with VFD
1 HP with VFD
1 HP with VFD
Servo drive
Servo drive
Servo drive
1 HP with VFD
Controls:SLC 500ControlLogic
Control Voltage:24 volts DC (others quoted)
Main Panel:NEMA 12 mounted to frame
Operator Interface:PanelView 550 (others quoted)
Air Required:60 psi

* Speeds in brochure are maximum speeds only and could vary depending on products and trays.
** Standard-Knapp is committed to continuous product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice.