949S Now Features Tandem-Case Flap Opening System

Portland, CT – Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, announces a new Tandem-Case Flap Opening System for its 949S Versatron™ Tandem Case Packer. With the introduction of the new system, Standard-Knapp adds re-shipper capability to our 949S Versatron™ Tandem Case Packer. This addition provides the same flap-opening capabilities for dual-case packers as with our single-case packers.

To provide this capability, our new tandem-case system utilizes the following technologies:

  • Dual Rotary Actuators, which provide the same power and speed in a smaller footprint than linear actuators.
  • Multi-Chain Case Transport, which provides positive control of cases throughout flap-opening, filling, and discharge operations.
  • Pneumatic Flap Controls keep opened flaps in the proper position throughout the process and don’t interfere with case movement.
  • Multi-Sensor Monitoring ensures that flaps are properly opened.

The tandem-case flap opening system can process the same range of case sizes as the single-case flap opening system. Click here to read more about the capabilities of the 949S Versatron »

949S Now Features Tandem-Case Flap Opening System

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