Industries Served by Standard-Knapp

At Standard-Knapp, we believe that applications drive innovation – and the more challenging a customer's need, the more opportunity we have to shine. That's why we choose to serve the most demanding, ever-changing segments of the packaging industry.

Standard-Knapp manufactures packaging machinery for the food, beverage, personal care / household chemical and chemical industries, and much more!

Food Packaging MachineryFood

From pasta sauce jars to tuna cans and everything in between, we have the machines to meet your demands. Our Continuum™ and Tritium™ lines of continuous-motion tray packers and shrink wrappers and our Versatron line of intermittent-motion case packers increase output while reducing product damage.

Beverage Packaging Machinery, Bottle PackersBeverage

Whether you are packing glass, PET or aluminum, we can pack it better and faster than anybody. Our continuous-motion PakMore™ case packer, Continuum™ and Tritium™ tray packers and shrink wrappers, and Versatron™ intermittent-motion case packers provide a full range of features and price points.

Personal Care Product Packaging MachineryPersonal Care/Household Chemical

Where precision placement and gentle product handling matter, Standard-Knapp delivers case packing and tray/shrink solutions that ensure the your message is conveyed to the customer flawlessly every time.

Industrial & Consumer Chemical Packaging MachineryChemical

Standard-Knapp designs and engineers robust and reliable case packing and tray/shrink packaging machines that can withstand the rigors of packaging industrial and consumer chemical products.