989 PakMore Continuous-motion, Soft-placement Case Packer

Continuous-Motion Case Packers

Case Packing Machines

Standard-Knapp offers a full range of Continuous-Motion Case Packers, Bottle Packers and Drop Packers to meet all of your case packing, product handling and budgetary goals. When your application demands high-speed continuous motion, Standard-Knapp is there with the PakMore™ - the fastest continuous-motion case packer in the industry.

357 Orbitron357 Orbitron™

Case Packer/Bottle Packer. The 357 Orbitron™ is a great way to get bottles or cans into cases or pre-formed trays. The overhead flight section guides product into the box continuously, while maintaining a small footprint.  |  Details | 

989 PakMore989 PakMore™

Continuous-motion, Soft-placement Case Packer. The 989 PakMore™ is our flagship case packing machine and is ideally suited to the high-demand bottle packing industry. It offers the highest speed and gentlest product handling in the industry.  |  Details |